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Explore the world of the Deep Blue

In the heart of a tropical paradise, Free Willy Diving takes great pleasure in diving on Borcay island and this sort of pleasure is shared, be it as a hobby or a passion for adventure, people of all nationalities and all walks of life are welcome to experience scuba diving like no other in the Philippines. Get out of your chair and venture out on the underwater world full of color and life that is comparable from watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Free Willy Diving

Free Willy offers holiday packages suited to your dive adventure, safari trips for somebody who yearns for more adventure. Courses for beginners, PADI certification, or Nitrox dives and a whole range of materials available for you to accommodate your scuba diving (or certification) needs including the most up to date gear from Scuba Pro and Cressi Sub, these are professionally maintained by our staff ensuring you to have the safest and comfortable dive. Cover your own dive, shoot photos and videos with us, just have fun and enjoy the dive. Travel to the Philippines and have one of the best diving holiday in Freewilly diving family. Enjoy local hospitality, accommodating people, unique island experience and a warm and sincere Filipino smile.