Where we are, is someplace that is unique and special on our hearts, the location, the people, we consider Boracay our home for nineteen years now. Located on the Philippines at around 322 kilometers away from Metro Manila and two kilometers off Caticlam at Aklan in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Measuring with a length of just about nine kilometers and a width of one.
Willy had always have the passion for scuba diving and living life to the fullest, and living in Boracay for him is a life changing event. So much so he stayed and established a dive shop. Not only that he enjoys scuba diving around and outside of Boracay island he also enjoys the diversity of culture (culture, in a sense that the life and lifestyle on the island) Boracay is known for. People of all sorts come here and finding themselves diversified from all of the activities and the stimulus, staying in boracay is like staying in heaven away from the madness around.
Our dive shop is just located at the beach front on Station 1, having the best view of the sea, coconut trees everywhere, and a hammock in front. Just walk along the beach and you will find us. Or better yet, you can book with us online.